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how begin with appcelerator for desktop (and use the API's)

hi everybody…I've a bit experience with qt+ and creating not so complex web pages, but I don't know how begin with titanium…when I run the default app this work…I can change the index.html like a web page…I can include javascript code and jquery too…very nice…but when I try run api functions I don't know how include these…in the docs I read things like these:

var win = Ti.UI.createWindow(); var view = Ti.UI.createView({backgroundColor:"red"}); win.add(view); win.open();

I don't know where I've put this code…I try put it inside a javascript but it don't work…I put it inside a function onload but don't work neither…there are any "convention" with the names for the files for this work?…I think this is like create a very dynamic web page but I don't know how work with the api….I see the example "kitchen something" but it wasn't so clear to mee…I see a examples like this:


but seems like this work different when is an ipod to when it is a desktp app…I create an app.js and put my code inside it but it never run…I create a index.js too but it don't work neither

please help..I'm very noob…thanks

— asked November 30th 2010 by angel marq
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1 Answer

  • I would recommend the Getting Started with Titanium Desktop Guide as a good starting place.

    After that take a look at the Titanium Desktop Programming Guides

    — answered November 30th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
    • thanks for the reply…I read all this documents but neither talk about how work with the API…I know how modify the tiapp.xml file and I test a app using ruby and python together javascript and works perfect…the problem is then I don't know where have I put the API functions..for examp…if I wanna put a ti.UI.createSearchBar where must I put it??

      I tried put inside a script tag but my file never call it…I put it inside a function too…load when the page render using onload…but don't work…really..It's a very noob question but I've tried many differents ways and no one has worked….

      — commented November 30th 2010 by angel marq
    • there are videos on the web site I would suggest you watch if the documentation is not working for you.

      There is a whole online course here from youtube

      — commented December 1st 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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