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struggling to understand difference between titanium and phonegap?

surprisingly there seems to be very little info out there about phonegap or maybe im struggling to find it.
if anyone could redirect me to an article or could quickly summarize the titanium vs phone gap debate. that would be a great help as i'm currently in the process of deciding what one to use.
just to let you know i did try searching first!


— asked November 30th 2010 by joe ainsworth
  • appcelerator
  • phonegapy
  • titanium

3 Answers

  • The major difference is that phonegap is really an HTML5 application running in an iOS or Android container. You are coding everything in javascript… you are running a web application. Also the user interface elements are rendered using jQtouch or JQuery Mobile or some other javascript UI framework

    While titanium is written in javascript, it compiles into a native application and utilizes native controls, it is not an HTML5 application running in a web container

    Here are my thoughts when I blogged about it a few months ago

    — answered December 1st 2010 by Aaron Saunders
  • yep Appcelerator is for building Native Phone applications but using javascript rather than object C and if you look after compile you will see that it actually turns your javascript project into a native xcode project with classes and project file and everything, phonegap is just a mobile web application and thats it, there is no conversions it basically blags itself onto the iphone.

    — answered December 14th 2010 by David Parker
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