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Audio stream metadata

I was wondering if it is possible to read the metadata from an audio stream using Titanium.Media.AudioPlayer, or maybe there is module that allows for this?

— asked December 1st 2010 by Thomas Bensmann
  • audio
  • metadata
  • stream
  • titanium.media.audioplayer

3 Answers

  • I got the same problem? Any progress?

    — answered January 21st 2011 by Marc Bender
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    • Nope, nothing. However, a "solution" is to fetch information from a feed.

      — commented January 24th 2011 by Thomas Bensmann
  • Has anything changed here?

    — answered June 20th 2011 by Thomas Bensmann
  • The famous Matt Gallagher Audio Streamer Class, which is used by Appcelerator and many others, to stream Shoutcast on iOS has a fork at https://github.com/DigitalDJ/AudioStreamer which can fetch metadata of the current artist and title from a Shoutcast stream as the demo shows. BUT - how one would be able to integrate it into an Appcelerator project is another matter.

    Matt's class is contained in build's of iOS projects (look in build->Classes->AudioStreamer) but you'd need to be adapt at Objective-C to be able to hack the DigitalDJ AudioStreamer class and expose the required output to Appcelerator's AudioPlayer.

    An interesting project for someone!

    — answered July 19th 2012 by Patrick Mounteney
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