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Any good canvas, image sprite + clock samples or guides? (Android)

After getting all setup and running (it took a bit of sweat and help via twitter). I started writing my first game. It's very simple and I'm just porting code I had already written. I'm trying to find how to use the Titanium API for generating Canvas, ImageSprites and Handlers (for timers) (of the Android kind). Anyone know of a good place where I can find such info? Thus far none of the PDF docs I've downloaded mention these. Anyone know where can I find more info?

— asked December 1st 2010 by Toord Bucket
  • android
  • canvas
  • sprite
  • timer
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  • did you ever manage to get Canvas working for Android? I am about to begin an Android project and need the canvas.

    — commented January 20th 2012 by Kouroche Sedaghatian

1 Answer

  • Hello,

    you should try the box2d module in order to get a canvas.



    — answered January 20th 2012 by Mauro Parra
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