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Don't find iphone sdk when I want to launch app

Hi, i have snow leopard.

iPhone sdk is installed and recognized when creating a project.

everything was working fine then I uploaded my dev certificated (and also link to android sdk), then now I have got (in log):

SDK: loading …

[INFO] Compiling JavaScript…one moment
[INFO] No JavaScript errors detected.
[INFO] One moment, building …
[INFO] Performing full rebuild. This will take a little bit. Hold tight…
[INFO] Executing XCode build…
[INFO] Executing XCode Compiler [toggle output]
[INFO] Compile completed in 0.572 seconds
[INFO] Launching application in Simulator
Unknown or unsupported SDK version: loading…
[INFO] Launched application in Simulator (19.08 seconds)
[INFO] Application has exited from Simulator

Thanks for this issue because If i cant go through i wont be able to use Appcelerator …

— asked March 28th 2010 by JeanSebastien GALLOO
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3 Answers

  • Same error as you… stucked on this for days now… 3 version updates from Appcelerator and no fix

    — answered April 7th 2010 by Raul Riera
  • Same here :( any luck anybody?

    — answered May 25th 2010 by Joe Maffia
  • Same problem here…

    — answered April 8th 2010 by Rafael Schenker
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