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Have 'back' go to previous window instead of close the application

I am having a similar problem as [this one] (http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/37081/stop-the-back-button-closing-app-on-android).

Basically, I want my 'back' button (in Android) to reopen the previously opened window, instead of closing the application. However, I also want to have OptionMenu displayed.

From the referenced question, I found that the back button only works that way for heavyweight windows.

I have read on heavyweight windows from [here] (http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/32471/noob—android-menu-does-not-work) and the API docs for Titanium.UI.Window, and I have tried those with my application.

Setting modal to true makes the 'back' button go to the previous window, but it does not display my OptionMenu. I am experimenting with other values for modal, navbarHidden, and fullscreen as well. So far, the result is that I have either the OptionMenu, 'back', or none at all, never both.

When I have 'navbarHidden: false' only, I will get only OptionMenu. When I have 'modal: true', the back button will go to the previous window, but there is no OptionMenu even when 'navbarHidden: false'.

Some code to illustrate my point:

var winA = Titanium.UI.createWindow({  
    title:'Window A',
    navbarHidden: false, // will show OptionMenu, but 'back' closes the app

var winB = Titanium.UI.createWindow({
    title: 'Window B',
    backgroundColor: '#fff',
    modal:true // 'back' goes to previous window but no OptionMenu

Can anyone shed a light on this?

Thanks in advance.

Note: I'm currently using SDK continuous-1.4.3.

— asked December 3rd 2010 by Tania Ang
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5 Answers

  • Capture the back button press like this:

    winB.addEventListener('android:back', function(e) {
    Ti.API.info("Log: The Android back button was pressed - DO SOMETHING!!!!");
    // when overriding the back button, the default behavior
    // needs to be explicitly coded

    — answered July 20th 2012 by John Gould
  • Set the following property for the window that you are closing

    exitOnClose: false
    — answered February 20th 2014 by TY Koh
  • Tania

    Would you post the code you have written so far? I'm sure someone can work it out for you.


    — answered December 3rd 2010 by Paul Dowsett
    • Thanks. I updated my question with some code.

      — commented December 4th 2010 by Tania Ang
    • Someone has any progress with that?
      I've same issue! I've searched and read a lot, but it's still hard!

      — commented March 29th 2011 by Daniel Maceira
  • cool support model, god knows how you guys reached 300K dev…

    — answered June 26th 2012 by eran shlomo
  • Did you ever solve your problem? I have the same issue.


    — answered June 13th 2013 by Reine Cárdenas
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    • Did you see my answer above? If you add an event listener to the window to capture the android:back event, it won't close the application anymore and you can specify the functionality you want to fire.

      — commented June 13th 2013 by John Gould
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