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Android Video Player within a non fullscreen window

Is it possible to have a video player that can be inside a window that is smaller than fullscreen.


Window with a navigation area at the top and then a window below it for content. Video is tapped and video should open within the content area.

At the moment following the movie_local.js I can only seem to get it to open fullscreen.

Or if you were to use tabgroups with one tab for video is it possible to play the video while keeping the tabs.

— asked December 3rd 2010 by Kevin
  • android
  • player
  • video
  • windowed
1 Comment
  • I can't get video to work at all after following the Kitchen Sink example. Can you post some code?

    — commented April 7th 2011 by David Smith

1 Answer

  • I can't get the video to play either. I am using 1.6.2 SDK. Also, I assume it only plays in full screen. That is a big road block for me right now. Hopefully google follows the iOS path and adds support for video in a view.

    I am going to use a web view right now with the video embedded in the web page and see what results I get

    edit: I just found this thread and according the guy answering you can define a certain area you want the video to play in so maybe titanium needs to catch up?


    — answered April 28th 2011 by Ronnie Swietek
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