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Tab bar High res icons don't get correctly sized.

Well, I'm trying to set an Hi-Resolution icon for my Tab bar as per Apple Human Interface Guidelines:
Tab bar icon (optional):

Approximately 30 x 30 (3G / 3GS)
Approximately 60 x 60 (high resolution)

So, I made great looking 60x60 icons and I'm trying to set it as Tabs but the icon gets too big and overlaps the Tab space.

I did try to set a lower size (standard 30x30) using size parameter with width/height dictionary and direct set width and height on the tab object. None of then worked though…

Can anybody give me a light on how can I use high-resolution 60x60 images as icons on my Tab bars ?

My code snippet:

var testTab = Ti.UI.createTab ({
title: "Test",
icon: "highres.png",
size: {width: 30, height: 30},
window: dronesWin

— asked December 3rd 2010 by Ygor Lemos
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1 Answer

  • Accepted Answer

    are you using the highres@2x.png file naming format? You should have 2 images:


    then use them in code like this - the right image will be used transparently based on the screen density:

    var testTab = Ti.UI.createTab ({ 
      title: "Test", 
      icon: "tabicon.png", 
      window: dronesWin 
    — answered December 3rd 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
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    • Thought it just work for app icon and startup images, not for tabs, glad to know that :)
      Testing now!

      — commented December 3rd 2010 by Ygor Lemos
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