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Facebook sessionProxy php

Good morning everyone.
I'm trying to implement the facebook connect in my application.
I have no problem using the sessionProxy provided by appcelerator, but I need to use mine to login on my web service.
I found a sample on internet, but it doesn't work. Can someone please share the php code to solve this problem?
Because I can't get the facebook login event fired.
Thanks a lot, Flavio

— asked December 5th 2010 by Flavio Ferrandi
  • facebook
  • sessionproxy

1 Answer

  • Solved. For anyone who is interested, the problem was the close relationship between the api key and the sessionProxy url. If you are testing your app locally, you have to set 'http://localhost' on your facebook app control panel.

    Regards, Flavio

    — answered December 7th 2010 by Flavio Ferrandi
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    • Flavio, you saved my day!
      Could you explain, how you discovered that?

      — commented December 22nd 2010 by Ralf Klotzbuecher
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