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Can't launch Android Emulator: "Type Error"



I've created a fresh mobile project and tried to launch it on the Android emulator.

  • I've selected the Android SDK as asked
  • Titanium shows the Android SDK green/ok/installed
  • I've installed the 1.5, 1.6 SDK and Google API v4 ( as mentioned here: http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/651/running-in-emulator-for-android-fails )
  • Installed Java version: java version "1.6.0-oem"

Here's the trace output:

[INFO] Launching Android emulator...one moment
[TRACE] Traceback (most recent call last):
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.0.0androidbuilder.py", line 710, in
[TRACE] s.run_emulator(avd_id,avd_skin)
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.0.0androidbuilder.py", line 139, in run_emulator
[TRACE] print "[DEBUG] From: " + self.sdk.get_emulator()
[TRACE] TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects
[INFO] Building Testapp for Android ... one moment
[TRACE] COPYING: C:UsersbachiDocumentsMy DropboxDevTitaniumTestappResourcesapp.js => C:UsersbachiDocumentsMy DropboxDevTitaniumTestappbuildandroidbinassetsResourcesapp.js
[TRACE] COPYING: C:UsersbachiDocumentsMy DropboxDevTitaniumTestappResourcesdefault_app_logo.png => C:UsersbachiDocumentsMy DropboxDevTitaniumTestappbuildandroidbinassetsResourcesdefault_app_logo.png
[TRACE] COPYING: C:UsersbachiDocumentsMy DropboxDevTitaniumTestappResourcesKS_nav_ui.png => C:UsersbachiDocumentsMy DropboxDevTitaniumTestappbuildandroidbinassetsResourcesKS_nav_ui.png
[TRACE] COPYING: C:UsersbachiDocumentsMy DropboxDevTitaniumTestappResourcesKS_nav_views.png => C:UsersbachiDocumentsMy DropboxDevTitaniumTestappbuildandroidbinassetsResourcesKS_nav_views.png
[TRACE] Traceback (most recent call last):
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.0.0androidbuilder.py", line 714, in
[TRACE] s.build_and_run(False,avd_id)
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.0.0androidbuilder.py", line 293, in build_and_run
[TRACE] for avd_props in avd.get_avds(self.sdk):
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.0.0androidavd.py", line 21, in get_avds
[TRACE] for line in run.run([sdk.get_android(),'list','target'],debug=False).split("n"):
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummobilesdkwin321.0.0androidrun.py", line 7, in run
[TRACE] (so,se) = subprocess.Popen(args, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummoduleswin32python1.0.0libsubprocess.py", line 594, in __init__
[TRACE] errread, errwrite)
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummoduleswin32python1.0.0libsubprocess.py", line 779, in _execute_child
[TRACE] args = list2cmdline(args)
[TRACE] File "C:ProgramDataTitaniummoduleswin32python1.0.0libsubprocess.py", line 503, in list2cmdline
[TRACE] needquote = (" " in arg) or ("t" in arg) or arg == ""
[TRACE] TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable

Please help, can't even start with Titanium right now..

— asked March 11th 2010 by Martin Bachmann
  • Android
  • Emulator
  • launch
  • problem

3 Answers

  • my issue was even simpler to solve:

    Titanium asked for the Android SDK 1.5 (api level 3), so I selected the sdk's platform subfolder: android-sdk-windowsplatformsandroid-3 Interestingly, Titanium returned a success message.

    However, correctly one must point to the sdk root folder.

    Sorry for bugging you folks (but really, Titanium shouldn't say "success" if only the folder exists, it should at least check if the needed stuff's really there :)

    — answered March 12th 2010 by Martin Bachmann
  • If you run aapt v from command line, you see Android 1.6 in the results?

    Generally, these old instructions apply, except they don't mention 1.6 (which is now required).

    Also, you're showing the same error as this support incident, so having a look there might help.

    If still no luck, Marshall or Don will probably pipe in here.

    I hope it helps! I've voted your question up to give it a little attention, in case Marshall or Don are lurking.

    — answered March 11th 2010 by Bill Dawson
  • same problem but how did you get around it ?

    — answered July 26th 2011 by John Mohan
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