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Titanium.UI.ScrollableView not firing event in view change

How can I capture the the swipe event when I switch between views. The swipe event doesnt not fire all the time in the iphone simulator.


Even when the swipe event is fired, I get the previous view as the current Page values. Is there a correct way to get this done. I need to get a event fired when I user switches between views. And when the event is fired i need to know the currentPage.

— asked December 6th 2010 by Blessan Mathew
  • titanium.ui.scrollableview

2 Answers

  • Use the scroll event instead of the swipe event.

    — answered December 6th 2010 by James K
    • In the scrollable view each view is a ScrollView. So the event gets fired even when i do a horizontal scrolling. I actually need a way to know the user switched to the next view. I tried the scroll event and it works but I have the problem i mentioned. Isnt there like a viewswitch event or something similar to that?

      — commented December 6th 2010 by Blessan Mathew
    • Use the scroll event and check whether yourScrollableView.currentPage has changed.

      — commented December 7th 2010 by James K
    • When you listen to the scrollableView 'scroll' event. it doesn't update all the time. If you scroll quickly you will notice that it skips pages.

      Here is a sample:

      var win = Titanium.UI.createWindow({  
      var views_arr = [];
      for(var i=0; i<10; i++){
          views_arr[i] = Ti.UI.createView({
              width: 200,
              height: 100,
          var lbl = Titanium.UI.createLabel({
              text:'view '+i,
      scrollableView = Titanium.UI.createScrollableView(
          views: views_arr,
          top: 0,
          left: 0,
          right: 0,
          borderWidth: 0,
      scrollableView.addEventListener('scroll', function(e)
          Ti.API.info("Image Scrolled current page: " + e.currentPage);

      When you look at the log you will see, that it skips some views:
      INFO] Image Scrolled current page: 1
      [INFO] Image Scrolled current page: 2
      [INFO] Image Scrolled current page: 6
      [INFO] Image Scrolled current page: 7
      [INFO] Image Scrolled current page: 8

      This is an iPhone specific issue. Android works fine.
      Tested on Ti. 1.6.1 and iPhone 4.2

      — commented March 22nd 2011 by Daniel Tome
    • pageChanged event I wrote like this http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/141415/scrollable-views-scroll-event-behaviour-changes-in-sdk-version-211

      — commented September 10th 2012 by Naga Harish Movva
  • aren't you getting a focus event on the new view when it becomes active/focused?

    — answered December 6th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
    • I could not find any focus event for the scrollableview and the scroll view. Can u explain a bit more?

      — commented December 7th 2010 by Blessan Mathew
    • Does anybody know how to solve this? Or is this some sort of bug? I just need a event that will fire whenever the user switches between views.

      — commented December 8th 2010 by Blessan Mathew
    • pagechanged event I wrote like this pageChange Event on Scrollable view

      — commented September 10th 2012 by Naga Harish Movva
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