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Facebook Login Issue

Hey I've seen this question get asked earlier but it doesn't have a good anwser.

I just started looking at the facebook API.

Added my LoginButton, created my Application on Facebook, got my API and all.

But..When I first click the button I get the Modal login window, I enter my information, and the modal dissapears, assuming it worked.
My Login information still says "false"

then When I close the App and open it again, try to login again, the modal windows starts to come up, but removes it self very quick.

I enterd my APIkey, but do you need a sessionProxy or what's the deal with this, the kitchensink version works, the only difference with that is that it does have a sessionProxy..

If I do need a session proxy what do I need to create then and how..

Thanks in advance

— asked December 6th 2010 by Patrick van Zadel
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5 Answers

  • I got it to work Nevermind

    — answered December 6th 2010 by Patrick van Zadel
  • I didn't! What'd you do differently? In the kitchen sink app, I just get a blank modal window, and in my own app, I get no window at all. Win7, Android, Mobile SDK 1.4.0

    — answered December 6th 2010 by Nate Allen
  • I created a PHP file which i got from:

    (the pastie link).

    uploaded it on my host and put it up as the sessionProxy, but It also seemed to work without whenever I put in
    apikey and secret..

    I'm on iOS btw, as for android. it has something to do that iOS requires XML validation and Android uses JSON validation.

    there is a nice thread about that right:

    — answered December 7th 2010 by Patrick van Zadel
  • Patrick can you post your full proxy code? I made the JSON changes suggested in the 'facebook-session-proxy-revisited' post but my login page still comes up blank.

    Thanks in advance.

    — answered December 18th 2010 by Jesse Weaver
  • Hi, maybe you can let us know anyway? I´m having the same problem here. Login once, it keeps telling me, that my app thinks I´m not logged in and after all, the next time I click the "connect with facebook"-Button, it´ll just appear for a few seconds and disappear again. I´m stuck for sure.

    — answered January 31st 2011 by Frank Wollweber
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