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Create hint text for a search bar

I have a tableview with a search bar that I used from the Kitchen Sink. Right now all it says in grey text is "Search". I would prefer if it said "Type a medical term"

Is there any parameter for this? Right now this is my searchbar code:

var search = Titanium.UI.createSearchBar({


Oh geez, nevermind, I just had to look in the api.

— asked December 6th 2010 by Stephen Flynn
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    You can use the 'hintText' attribute, here is an example

    var searchBar = Titanium.UI.createSearchBar({
       showCancel: true,
       height: 43,
       top: 0,
       hintText: 'Type a medical term'
    — answered December 6th 2010 by Antonio Silveira
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