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Cant load app in android emulator

When I try to launch my app into android emulator, I get the following errors:

[ERROR] /Users/gavin/Downloads/android-sdk-mac_x86/platforms/android-4/tools/aapt (skipping hidden file '/Users/gavin/Desktop/JRC_app/JRC_app/build/android/bin/assets/Resources/car_logos/.htaccess')
[ERROR] /Users/gavin/Downloads/android-sdk-mac_x86/tools/apkbuilder
[INFO] Installing application on device
[ERROR] Failed installing com.jrc.salesapp: pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk

Can anyone give me some help as to how to test my app in the emulator?

Many thanks

— asked December 7th 2010 by Gavin Boyd
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  • emulator
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3 Answers

  • Is the emulator popping up at all? What version of the ADK tools do you have installed? There is currently a known issue with v8 of the ADK.

    — answered December 7th 2010 by Michael Szul
  • The emulator does pop up, very slow though. My app does not install or load. I am using SDK: APIs 2.2. I think I may be running v8 but I am unsure, how do I check the Adk version? Sorry, I am a beginner to this.

    — answered December 7th 2010 by Gavin Boyd
  • Titanium 1.2.2 have the same issue. [ERROR] /Users/ … /Downloads/android-sdk-mac_x86/tools/apkbuilder. Tried all version 1.5 - 2.3 of Andriod SDK

    — answered January 15th 2011 by Lon Hosford
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    • Lon

      See this section of the troubleshooting guide that explains the apkbuilder.bat error.

      — commented January 16th 2011 by Paul Dowsett
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