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Access Titanium.version from WebView

As I understand, a WebView does not have access any more to the Titanium object. Now I am looking for a way to determine the current version of Titanium in a JavaScript run within a WebView. Any hints are appreciated. Thanks.

— asked March 11th 2010 by Georg von der Howen
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  • Georg,

    Where did you see that information. This would seem to be the root of the problems I am having with my WebView. If the WebView doesn't have access to the Titanium object, how should one architect a page that needs to be updated from a DB but also needs to display multi-column tables and HTML context.

    — answered March 11th 2010 by Peter Amiri
  • Hi Peter,

    argh, the current state of the documentation leaves a lot to be desired… I found this info here: [http://www.codestrong.com/timobile/changelog/0_9/] (Scroll all the way down to Webview). The proposed solution is to use custom events, but I don't see/understand how a custom event could help me with getting the version info of Titanium.

    — answered March 11th 2010 by Georg von der Howen
  • That's very interesting. The document states "You can use the Titanium.App.fireEvent and Titanium.App.addEventListener APIs to send/receive events to and from a web view, and you can use the Titanium.API logging APIs to log information from within a web view."

    I have been able to find examples of fireEvent and even got it working in one of my apps but I need to get data into the webview so I guess I have to use addEventListener.

    I'll have to play with that to see if I can open a webview and then call an event into it from the old window. Thanks again for the tip.

    — answered March 11th 2010 by Peter Amiri
  • IN 1.3.2 and SDK 4 on IPHONE even KitchenSink is not working for me.. it does work partly in 3.2 , any chance this get fixed?

    I can not call any API from webview ;(

    — answered July 15th 2010 by Petr Cervenka
  • Hey - I hope this can help anyone who still is struggling with this:

    Say I have a web view called myWebView with a source of 'myWebView.html' (relative to the Resources folder).
    In myWebView.html, I have a dom element (myDOM) with a click event attached to it:

    in myWebView.html

    <script type="text/javascript>
    // ... code before has created myDOM
    // When myDOM is clicked, it will send an event to Ti.App:
    myDOM.addEventListener('click', function(){
    // Listens to the answer from Ti.App:
    Ti.App.addEventListener('answerVersion', function(e){
            // Now you can do whatever you want
            // with e.version within the web view
            alert('version: ' + e.version);

    in app.js (or elsewhere in your app)

    // Listens for the request from the web view:
    Ti.App.addeventListener('requestVersion', function(){
            Ti.App.fireEvent('answerVersion, {version:Ti.version});

    This worked for me. Please post if you have a better way.

    — answered May 22nd 2011 by Regis Zaleman
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    • NOTE. Communication from the html in a webview to your app using fireEvent works providing that your html is local to the app - ie. it is contained in an html file located in your app's resources folder.

      This does not work if the html containing the Ti.Api.fireEvent JS call is located remotely relative to your app.

      — commented June 24th 2011 by Laurence Kirchmeier
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