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Custom UI Components and Titanium mobile

Hi there,

we are currently evaluating the functionality of Titanium mobile.
We are very concerned with its ability to create native iPhone GUI components.

I couldn't find any informations on subclassing some general component class or however things are handled in Titanium when it comes to creating custom UI components. And by custom I don't mean changing the background color of a button, but painting controls and the like myself.

Can this be achieved with Titanium?
How does it affect the apps portability to android?

Thank you

— asked March 11th 2010 by André Hoffmann
  • custom ui component subclassing gui native

3 Answers

  • Hi Andre, perhaps the most flexible approach would be to use HTML/CSS in webViews. Although if you have Obj-C knowledge you might consider building a specific module for the controls and settings you have in mind.

    Of course the experts might have a better answer on this.


    — answered March 11th 2010 by Chris Reed
  • Thank you for your answer Chris.

    Are you saying that we could integrate our own GUI controls into Titanium?

    Since they would have to be written in Objective-C for the iPhone, wouldn't that completely rule out Android as a target platform or is there a nice and easy way to plug in one of two different controls (one written in Java and the other Obj-C) depending on the platform we're currently compiling for?

    — answered March 12th 2010 by André Hoffmann
  • I'd like to recommend some C# UI components

    — answered January 22nd 2014 by anthonyzz anthonyzz
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    • You clearly did not read the question or even understand it, plus the question is 4 years old and the whole world (including titanium) has moved on since this question was asked so the relevancy is very limited now.

      Also the link is for Windows ui elements rather than any of the supported mobile operating systems for Titanium.

      — commented January 22nd 2014 by Malcolm Hollingsworth
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